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Press Release: Kerry Degman cast in The Five Sullivans

Kerry Degman to play Terry Sullivan, Afghan Vet and the oldest brother of five Sullivan boys growing up in rural Georgia.


LOS ANGELES, July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Kerry Degman has been cast as Terry Sullivan, the lead role in the post-Afghanistan family drama, The Five Sullivans, that is being produced by Douglas Lowell's Grandiosity Films and Paul Martin.

"This is a great role for Kerry," says Lowell,  "The range and depth explored in The Five Sullivans will be a great vehicle for Kerry to break this uniquely American story to audiences and really shine as an actor."

Degman plays Terry Sullivan, an aspiring country singer who is the oldest brother in a family of five Sullivan boys growing up as a broken family in a small Georgia town.  Terry Sullivan enlists with his next closest brother in age to serve his country and fight in Afghanistan.  During a fierce fire fight, the younger Sullivan brother is killed in action, while Terry Sullivan is seriously wounded.  

He returns to Georgia and finds that his three youngest brothers have been placed in foster care.  He wants to recover his brothers while pursuing his dream as a country artist.  The story of the Five Sullivans is Terry’s journey to recover his brothers, heal his family and himself, and reach his dream of becoming a country music artist.

Lowell notes that, “Kerry has a real smoky voice that doesn’t sound like anyone else out there today.  We sifted through five hundred people for this role, and when we screened Kerry, we knew we had found Terry Sullivan.” Degman’s original music will also be included in the film.

The five Sullivans were five brothers from Waterloo, Iowa who were all killed when their ship, the Juneau, was torpedoed by Japanese submarines during the pivotal battle for Guadalcanal in World War II.


Douglas Lowell

Paul Martin for Kerry Degman

Source: Grandiosity Films


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