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Kerry Degman shooting for John Bartlett | New York | Apr. 5, 2012



Kerry Degman shooting with Greg Vaughan for John Bartlett | New York | Apr. 5, 2012



Kerry Degman and his beautiful bountiful buttocks

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Kerry Degman + Brian Shimansky @ Soul Artist Management | New York | Apr. 9, 2012

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Untitled Magazine: The Music Issue 6 Trailer

featuring Laura Comfort’s "Come Take A Ride" Music Video/Editorial starring Kerry Degman, directed by Indira Cesarine. (01:58)

Magazine registered members can view it here. (you can register free)


Kerry Degman @Soul Artist Management | NY | 25 Jul 2012

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Kerry Degman | L.A. Models Digital Update | Autumn 2012

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