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Filling in on @gatorparkmusic’s radio tour. This was the first station to ever spin them. #tennessee #countrymusic #radiotour

Fun hang at our pond today. These 3 guys are all legit country artists. #fishin #countrymusic #Nashville @blainelarsen @brue1987 @kerrydegman

Working on a new song! #countrymusic [x]

Long day [x]

Jeep broke down en route to show. Stopped at a small town to fix it. Met this guy at auto part store who owns a guitar that Elvis borrowed from him when he was young and put a dent in it. [x]

Alright #TBT I can go along with that! Here is one! [x]

We need BELLY FLOP VIDEOS! For the upcoming music video shoot “Stuck In My Head” [x]

My view for sound check- kerry

Andy on sound check for the Laurel County Fair in KY

Bryan Hobbs and Kerry Degman location scouting for photo shoot.